Hair Dance! By Kelly Johnson & Dinah Johnson

Hair Dance! By Kelly Johnson & Dinah Johnson

Children's book author and photographer, Kelly Johnson, published her second book Hair Dance! in September 2007. Hair Dance! is about young Black girls showing off their curly tresses, beautiful locks and glamourous braided hairstyles. We love that Kelly photographed these young girls embracing their natural hair textures; it is important to teach Black girls at a young age to love themselves, uplift one another, and to appreciate their natural hair. Our hair is a celebration!

Kelly's photographs are outstanding, colorful, and joyous! We highly recommend this wonderful children's book. Also, our CEO Nicole Rose is on the cover of Hair Dance! as well! So fascinating!

“Hair comes in all colors, textures and styles. Whether it is cut long or short, in braids or cornrows, or left natural, it plays a big part in who we are and how we feel about ourselves." - Hair Dance!

Interested in Hair Dance! Click here and check it out for yourself :)


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