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How to Reduce Product Build Up and Get Rid of Your Flaky Scalp (Finally!)

JUNE 14, 2024

When your curls are popping, the last thing you want is to be worrying about dandruff! Although dry scalp is very common, it can not only make you feel a little self-conscious, but it’s also a sign that your scalp is crying out for some moisture. Either that or you’re experiencing product build-up!

If you want to improve the condition of your scalp, give these top tips a go!

Hydrate your scalp on a regular basis

Are you using natural oils to keep your scalp hydrated on a regular basis? That doesn’t mean occasionally oiling your scalp. If you want to keep dandruff at bay then you need to be regularly applying oils directly to your scalp and the ends of your hair as quality scalp oils mimic the natural sebum produced on the scalp. Our anti-flake oil nourishes hair follicles while rebalancing moisture levels so no more flakes! Simply apply oil to your scalp when styling, at night or whenever your hair is feeling a little dry.

Improve your shampooing technique

How you cleanse your hair will make a big difference in your scalp’s health. When shampooing your curls it’s a good idea to section your hair in two so you can really work the product in and get your whole scalp clean. Avoid scratching at your scalp (as good as it may feel) since this can cause micro cuts and damage your scalp. A shampoo massage brush is a great alternative for removing old skin cells, product build up, dirt, and dandruff more easily.

Test your product pairings before application

Not all products work well together. If your preference is to use a styling cream and a gel, then test the combination on your hand before you start applying it. If the formula looks lumpy when mixed this is a strong sign that they are not a good match and could result in clumps throughout your hair. It’s usually best to stick to products from the same range.

Don’t be heavy handed with products

Products build up and dandruff can look similar. However, dandruff is usually lighter and falls out of the hair whereas product buildup can cause chunkier clumps that sit on the hair’s surface. One reason for product build up is being heavy handed with styling products so instead of them soaking into the hair they simply dry up and remain on top which results in itching. Sometimes one styling product is enough to define your curls compared to layer several different creams and gels.

Try a scalp treatment

Alongside changing your hair care habits such as using more natural oils you can also try scalp treatments. A hot oil treatment, deep conditioner, apple cider vinegar rinse and other similar methods are perfect for thoroughly - ACV for example is said to help relieve dandruff symptoms by rebalancing the scalp’s natural pH levels and preventing the growth of fungi that contribute to dry, itchy skin.

The condition of your scalp is just as important as the rest of your hair so don’t neglect it! Give these top tips a go to improve its overall look and condition!