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Our products are made with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that aid in hair growth and reduce scalp inflammation and hair loss. Whether you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, wavy hair, protective styles, or simply bald, your crown is Versatile, Glamorous, Sexy, and Powerful.

"Let The Whole Town Know It" - Mary "Rose" Dean

  • Hair Dance! By Kelly Johnson & Dinah Johnson

    Hair Dance! By Kelly Johnson & Dinah Johnson

    Children's book author and photographer, Kelly Johnson, published her second book Hair Dance! in September 2007. Hair Dance! is about young Black girls showing off their curly tresses, beautiful locks and glamourous braided hairstyles. We love that Kelly photographed these young girls embracing their natural hair textures; it is important to teach Black girls at a young age to love...

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Dean's Beauty Salon & Barbershop

Dean's Beauty Salon & Barbershop is located in Portland, Oregon and has been in business for over 60 years. Benjamin and Mary "Rose" Dean are the original owners of the salon and they spent many years catering to all type of customers throughout Northeast Portland. Our family's business is apart of Portland's history and it will continue to make a positive mark.

Dean's Beauty Salon & Barbershop & Ella Dean featured in Oregon Live.

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