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No Time For Flakes (Intense Dandruff Oil)

No Time For Flakes (Intense Dandruff Oil)

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Experience the benefits of No Time For Flakes, an all-natural blend of Black Cumin, Onion, Galangal Root, and Dandelion Root, designed to reduce scalp inflammation, minimize hair thinning, nourish hair follicles, and condition a dry scalp. Rejuvenate and stimulate your scalp back to health with our potent formula.

Enjoy the woody, balsamic, and earthy scent that provides a balancing, calming, and soothing effect on your scalp and hair.


Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin) Seed Oil, Allium Cepa (Onion) Seed Oil, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis, Persea Americana (Avocado) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Alpinia Officinarum (Galangal Root), Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion Root), Arctium Lappa (Burdock Root), Filipendula Ulmaria (Meadowsweet), Juniperus Mexicana (Cedarwood).

How To Use

Shake well before each use. On dry hair, apply directly to the scalp. Massage gently. Use when dandruff occurs.


All fragrances are phthalate-free. It may contain herb particles.

Customer Reviews

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This product is amazing and the results are great! It smells amazing as well. My scalp is very dry and flaky and this oil has been a lifesaver! I will DEFINITELY be purchasing again!

Great for dry, curly and/or aging hair - I've got all 3!

I met Ella a year ago at a crafts fair and bought my first bottle of No Time for Flakes. My hairdresser says I should rub several drops in my hair everyday when it's dry, damp or wet from tips to roots. I followed his instructions and LOVE the results. This product smells quietly lovely and it settles my hair down and makes it feels smoother and gentler.
I just saw Ella again last week and bought my second bottle. I'm hooked!


nothing but wonderful things to say! it arrived 5 days after I placed my order, despite being based in Portland and this was when they were experiencing the extreme heat. after just my first use my flakes improved significantly and helped with any itching I had left. highly recommend!!